About Ramard

Ramard Inc. is an American manufacturing company dedicated to the highest quality health and performance products for horses and pets since 2006.

Comprised of a dedicated team of veterinarians, trainers and biochemists, Ramard Inc. has consistently produced the most powerful and effective products on the market today. Our goal is to create and produce innovative, cutting edge products that are made with only the highest quality ingredients available and are free of fillers and artificial ingredients.

Whether you are competing on the race track, the show ring, or just competing for the love and affection of your back yard friend, you can count on Ramard Inc. to deliver the quality products that you deserve, expect, and rely on. Ramard Inc. products are carried by veterinarians and retailers around the world and are used by many Olympic Equestrian Teams as well as Westminster Champions.

Meet the team

Team Member

Jaff Ramey

CEO Ramard


As a dedicated horseman and competitor for 30 years I have always wanted the best for my horses and pets. I felt there was a great divide between cutting edge science and products available to the horse and pet community. So, I decided in 2006 to create Ramard, a company that would develop and create next generation products and proprietary ingredients that would be available to everyone. I assembled a team of biochemists, molecular biologists and researchers from around the world. The goal was simple and clear; create the very best and most effective health and performance products for horses and pets.

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Team Member

Cainin Ramey

Inside Sales Manager


Cainin Ramey has grown up in the business alongside his father, Jeff Ramey. His focus is inside sales and is available to our customers for all of your product questions and dealer needs.

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Ramard Inc. is an audited member of the NASC.

When can I expect to receive my product and invoice.
All orders are invoiced the day of the order. All orders received by 3:00pm (Eastern time ) will be shipped that day. All orders received after 3:00 pm will ship the following business day. All orders are shipped via UPS unless a special request is made.
Why does Total Joint Care work so much better that other joint products?
Total Joint Care has ingredients which are balanced together to create a very powerful result, and there are no fillers in any of the Ramard products. Total Joint Care will not breakdown in sunlight and is not affected by heat or cold, as will result with liquid products. Total Joint Care uses a high dose of purified HA which is microbial fermented. HA which is collagen or animal bases is recognized as foreign and is not absorbed as well as microbial fermented HA.
Will powder or liquid be better absorbed in the horse's system?
Research has shown that there is no difference between liquid and powder in the horses system. The most important issues are strength and purity. Liquid products have a much shorter shelf life and they are not as stable. Liquid products will be effected by sun lite, heat and cold. Most of the liquid HA products which have other ingredients included will often separate in the bottle, causing the other ingredients to crystallize and not be absorbed into the horses system.
Will I still need to give my horse injections
Most trainers have noticed (after 20 to 30 days) that they do not need to give injections or they dramatically decrease their use.
How soon will I see results?
Generally results are noticed within the first week, however in many cases you may see results within 3 to 5 days.
How do I know the strength of a product?
Read the labels of the products you are using and you may find that you are not getting what you thought. Compare labels and the dosage, some products may list a MG quantity and you may find the dosage is half of that amount. Therefore you are getting half the amount you expected. Ramard labels are always listed without any special code to fool you. When you see the strength of our ingredients, it is a per dose quantity.
Many products have Glucosamine and Chondroitin how does Total Joint Care address the entire joint?
Total Joint Care address the entire joint, not just one part. There are products which have only glucosamine and chondroitin, they address cartilage only in about 6 to 8 weeks. Others have Hyaluronic Acid, they address the synovial fluid only. However if you use an HA with a very high molecular weight you will also have a very powerful anti-inflammatory. When MSM is added you will also receive more anti-inflammatory properties and you will be addressing the soft and connective tissue as well. The benefit of using Total Joint Care, you will be addressing the entire joint. Soft and connective issue. Anti-inflammatory Cartilage Synovial fluid Ligaments and Tendons